Sunday, 27 February 2011

Did Sarah Palin kill Bambi's mother?

Everyone remembers know the cutesy little film about the fawn that loses his mother to some fiend with a rifle?

You know..the heart wrenching moment when his mother tells him to run and not look back. Everyone knows what is coming next. Bambi (the fawn) is left all alone, then his father turns up ---I guess that is alimony taken care of kind of a way about him--- and off they trot.

Is there an analogy in there, that Sarah Palin is responsible for killing Bambi's mother as much as she is responsible for Tucson?

---If you think I'm being cruel to Sarah Palin, or Bambi, or that I'm not being quite as cruel as you'd like me to be, let me know on the comments section below! I love feedback---

Afterall it is implied that Bambi's mother is killed by a hunter and as we all know Palin does her fair share of hunting. She demonstrates this to us all in her television series "Sarah Palin's Alaska where in one episode she downs Mr Moose, whose only crime was to be the wrong place at the wrong time... ---and stand still whilst he was being fired at 4 times, before the mortal blow. Hey, maybe Mr Moose deserved it after all. Yes, Mr Moose had it coming. ---

You can almost hear Palin muttering "Boom, head shot".

But back to the question before I lose my train of thought: Did Palin kill Bambi's mother?

The evidence on view --- As in 'on view to us all' not "The View" television program which could be described as a sort of 'chat show', but it could be described as a lot of other things. Some things I can't possibly repeat. But incase you're wondering 'The View' has big names such as Babs Walters, who is older than time its self. Shrewd political analysts like Whoopi Goldberg, the fat chick who used to be the sidekick to Robert Barone in 'Everybody Loves Raymond', the skinny blonde, who they take turns on dishing out verbal beat downs and some one called Joy Behar who apparently used to be funny, or should that be 'she used to be funny,allegedly'? ---

Anyway, the evidence on offer certainly supports the notion that is is more likely that Sarah Palin some how entered the magical world of Walt Disney, her seeing Russia from her window.

Just to jog everyones memory or if you've never seen the heart wrenching moment when Bambi realises he will forever be a latch key kid, you can see the clip (All copyright belongs to Disney) below. Maybe Hollyweird will end up remaking it but this time with...... wait for'll be in 3d... Wait for the gasps of "Oooooh. Ahhhhhh"

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