Sunday, 27 February 2011

Is Sarah Palin a fruit loop?

Jamie Oliver, something of a celebrity tv chef, caused raspberry ripples today when he announced to the world, his expert opinion on Sarah Palin and American politics in general.

Taking a break out of the battle against obesity, Oliver said in an interview that Sarah Palin is a "fruitloop" for taking issue with Michelle Obama.
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---- If you think I'm being unfair or if you think fruit loops are delicious and nutritious, let me know on the comments section ----

It is important to understand where the backlash against Palin has come from. During an episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, Palin declares that "dessert is in honour" of the First Lady "who said the other day we should not have dessert". A shit storm ensued and I presume this is where JO has built his platform for why Palin is a fruit loop.

Does Jamie Oliver believe in the saying "do as I say, not as I do" which Michelle Obama has taken to heart?

A roll call of MO's greatest gaffes; other than being proud to be an American for the first time in her life, when her husband was elected President, (Obviously the civil rights era, abolishment of slavery etc etc, do not figure in her minds eye as being worthy)but they also include lecturing restaurants on the size of the portions they give to customers.

Talk about dangerously teetering on the edge of oblivion. I am sure there are a lot of private sector businesses in the food industry who would take exception to being lectured to.

Remember Joe Biden's altercation with the owner of a Frozen Custard shop? Poor Joe began as he meant to go on, walking around demanding "Where is the ice cream? Where's the ice cream." Okay, moving on from VP Dumbass.

I ask of this the same Jamie Oliver who promotes the idea of healthy living through organic foodstuffs, by purchasing it from select stores? (A UK supermarket called Sainsbury's which caters specifically for the upper middle class). Sainsbury's pay him handsomely for his official endorsement to reassure the consumer that if Jamie Oliver says it's good, it must be great?

Is this Jamie, or a doppelganger?

Does Jamie Oliver have any credibility left to lecture others on policy when he is nothing more than a marketing tool?

In all fairness to Sarah Palin....if she is a fruit loop then Jamie Oliver is a chump Sorry, chomp.

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